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The Team


This page is currently under construction - we appreciate your patience while we tidy up! 



aka: "B-Man!" (think Batman music)

Meet Bentley, everyone's favorite lesson horse! In his 20's he has the experience needed to show any rider the ropes! Bentley is a chestnut Appendix Quarter Horse and loves spending his down time hanging out with his “wife” Lux or munching on carrots & hanging out his stall door, or as we call it, his front porch. Before coming to CBE he was a police horse in Philadelphia, PA! He is a laid-back, lovable horse and is a great confidence builder for any level.

If you would like to meet Bentley or any other of our amazing horses here at CBE, just send us a message! There is no better place to spend your days than at the farm! 


aka "The Barn Queen"

Meet Lux or as we like to call her, Barn Queen! Lux is our oldest horse in her upper 20's! She is a bay Thoroughbred mare who loves to keep the other horses in line. After her retirement from being a race horse, and her owner went off to college, she did not like sitting around & wanted to have a job, so now she has the super important job of teaching our littlest ones to be caring riders and people. She spends her down time hanging with her “husband” Bentley! She is always on the lookout for a bag of carrots, and is very picky when it comes to her apples - Red Delicious only! She makes her needs, demands, and preferences known in her kind, quiet, but clear way.

If you would like to meet Lux or any other of our amazing horses here at CBE, just reach out! There is no better place to be than outdoors with the horses!



Meet Sombra! - a Dark Bay Argentinian Polo Pony in her teens! Our international gal! She is a kind and loving horse who greatly enjoys working with our beginner students and advanced students. She is a great listener, and has a calm, relaxed attitude.  Before coming to our farm she was a polo "pony"! She loved her previous job, but now wants something more laid back and fulfilling. As her time here progresses she has become a great horse, and loves how she spends her days with students. Her favorite thing to do is eat and give hugs!

If you would like to meet Sombra or any other of our amazing horses here at Cool Breeze, send us a message! There is no better time than time spent with a horse!


Meet Mary! She is the newest member of our CBE lesson horse herd. In her late teens, Mary is a dun Thoroughbred/Poitevin mare. Poitevins are an endangered French draft horse breed - in 2011 there were just over 300 breeding animals, of which about 40 were stallions. Mary loves eating & trail riding & with a super sweet & quiet disposition, we just know she'll be a barn favorite before long!

If you'd like to meet Mary or any of our other saintly schoolies, send us a message! We'd love to help you connect with these amazing animals!



Secretaria was a polo "pony" before she joined CBE as a lesson horse. Although polo players refer to their mounts as "ponies" most of them, including Secretaria, are full grown horses. In her teens, she is a flea-bitten gray Thoroughbred mare (no, she doesn't ACTUALLY have fleas, just the name of the color!). She is a more forward thinking horse and does best with riders with a little experience. She loves to please and tries her heart out for her riders! She is super sweet and snugly with any level horseperson in the stall, and thoroughly loves her grooming sessions - she just might fall asleep while being pampered!

If you'd like to meet Secretaria or any of our other loveable lesson horses, just send us a message or call! We love introducing people to the wild world of horses!

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