In my three years as a working student for Kay I learned many things that have greatly benefited me and my horse. These included the fundamentals such as learning an effective warm-up, properly wrapping a leg, and trail riding safety as well as the very challenging tasks such as starting young horses, retraining problem horses, and effectively reacting to their behavior. Kay gives every horse and rider a strong foundation upon which to build confidence, skill, and trust.                - Brittany George, Former Working Student

CBE Working Students & Apprentices

Cool Breeze Equine, LLC is accepting applications for working students and apprentices. CBE is a multidiscipline facility focused on developing safe, confident horses and riders with improved communication and relationships through our training and lesson program. Working students and apprentices are immersed in the daily activities of running a horse business, starting young horses, and training horses for a variety of disciplines including eventing, jumpers, hunters, dressage, endurance, competitive trail, and family pleasure horses. We regularly work with retired racehorses (OTTBs), young horses, problem horses, and those rehabbing from injury, surgery or rescue. Kay’s students range from first time horse owners and riders to Olympic qualifiers, so there are exceptional opportunities for our Team members to learn problem-solving skills with horses at all levels. Members of the CBE Team get hands on experience learning stable management, grooming, clipping, proper horse care, show prep, layup and first aid care, the process of starting and retraining horses, conditioning horses, and experience riding different horses. Working students and apprentices receive instruction directly from Kay on a daily basis to improve their riding and horsemanship skills.

Working with horses is physically and mentally demanding, but very rewarding.  We are looking for Team members who are dedicated, energetic, professional, positive, and eager to learn. We strive to maintain a positive environment that promotes education, and you can expect to LEARN A LOT while you are here! Kay works closely with working students and apprentices on a daily basis to ensure that their knowledge and confidence continue to grow so that they can leave our program well on their way to accomplishing their goals.


Applicants should be at least 18, have reliable transportation, have some prior horse experience, and be able to competently walk, trot, and canter. There is no prior competition requirement. A background in natural horsemanship, dressage, or pony club is helpful, but not required.


To apply please email Kay at .