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Opportunities with CBE

Cool Breeze Equine is growing quickly and is in search of dedicated individuals to add to our support team. Below are just a few of the exciting opportunities available at CBE.  If you are interested in something but don't see it listed please contact us to discuss additional ideas. 

We welcome you to join our Team!

Work Study

Come study with the expert! Members of our Work Study Team get hands-on learning opportunities in stable management, horse husbandry, first aid care, starting young horses, reschooling horses, riding lesson instruction, etc. to name a few. This is a great way to learn the daily ins and outs of the horse business while improving your horse skills on the ground and under saddle. Work Study is a precursor to the Apprenticeship program. Please submit your qualifications, goals, and experience to with Work Study Team in the subject.


This is a perfect opportunity for individuals who have completed a Work Study course at CBE and are interested in a longer-term learning opportunity where they will cover more advanced topics that prepare them for a career in the horse industry or advance their personal education in professional horse training and horsemanship. Please submit your qualifications, goals, and experience to with CBE Apprenticeship in the subject.



Sponsorship Team

We wish we could continue our work cost and care free but as we all know, horses can be expensive and labor intensive.  We welcome support of all kinds. You may even be able to own a share in a competition horse & experience the thrill of the sport of eventing! ​Contact us at with your ideas or help with some of ours! Please use CBE Sponsorship Team in the subject line.



Pay It Forward

This is a great avenue for individuals interested in promoting the CBE philosophy and helping to increase our positive impact on horses and horse lovers.  We have some exciting avenues in which to do so and are always open to new ideas.  Please contact us at with the subject "Pay it Forward" to discuss the most effective route for you to make the world a better place for horses and humans.​


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