Cool Breeze Equine was developed by Kay Pfaff to provide training for clients looking to take their horses, skills, and human-horse relationship to the next level.  Whether the next level is a 3 star event or a group trail ride, Kay’s approach focuses on building trust, confidence and a foundation of skills in each horse so that they work willingly and happily with their riders. For riders the focus is on understanding their horse’s perspective and implementing the biomechanics of a horse and rider partnership so that teamwork, effective conscientious leadership, proper balance and safety become second nature.


Cool Breeze Equine is owned and operated by Kay Pfaff. Combining her education in natural and classical horsemanship with her more than 17 years of experience as a trainer, rider and veterinary technician, Kay has developed a natural method of training and rehabilitating horses for success in various disciplines that emphasizes the systematic development of a strong foundation in horses, and effective, conscientious riders who keep their horses’ perspectives in mind. Kay’s focus on building healthy relationships between horses and riders has produced many happy equine athletes and confident, successful riders.


Kay has trained horses and riders from beginners learning to post a trot to Olympic level competitors. Whether introducing young horses to their first ride or addressing jumping inconsistencies and fears with two star eventers, Kay presents her unique training techniques in a systematic and positive way.

Kay’s areas of specialization include:

  • Young horse starting

  • Retired racehorse (OTTB) re-training

  • “Problem” and “difficult” horse rehabilitation

  • Producing reliable, confident, consistent sporthorses & trail horses

  • Developing safe, effective riders

  • Coaching successful competitors in eventing, dressage, equitation, hunters, and jumpers


Kay’s competitive experience includes:

  • eventing

  • dressage

  • hunter/jumpers

  • driving

  • advanced trail

  • equitation to the national level


In addition to the invaluable equine teachers from whom she has been so fortunate to learn, Kay has studied under the tutelage of a number of renowned instructors and clinicians such as the following experts:

  • Jane Bartle-Wilson, British Olympian and Chef D’Equipe

  • Henrik Johansen, Danish Bereiter

  • Dr. John Tukey, former Director of the Wilson College Equestrian Program

  • Annette Gavin, USPC Examiner, Hastilow Saddles USA Owner, and biomechanics expert

  • Pat and Linda Parelli, internationally renowned natural horsemanship experts

  • Colleen Kelly, Grand Prix dressage trainer, International Society of Rider Biomechanics President, NJAS dressage judge and exercise physiology expert

  • Jean-Paul Magnen, Grand Prix four-star competitor and Cadre Noir trainer in eventing, jumping and dressage

  • Allison Springer International Eventing Competitor and Coach


Kay obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Wilson College and developed a pilot research study comparing fracture repair techniques in racehorses. This, combined with research in biomechanical jumping analysis in young horses influenced Kay’s focus on the proper conditioning of horses for fitness and balance, as well as the importance of a well-balanced rider to prevent injuries of the equine athlete.


Kay has over 16 years of experience in equine and small animal veterinary medicine and managed horse care for over 14 years at a number of sporthorse breeding, training and boarding operations including the 72-horse Penn Hall Equestrian Facility and Red Roof Farm. As a college graduate Kay gained experience in equine nutrition working for McCauley Bros. Inc. and was fortunate to represent them at national trade shows and provided nutritional counselling to many prominent farms in the northeast U.S.  This strong background in nutrition has been beneficial when rehabilitating ex-racehorses (OTTB’s) and rescue horses for her clients as well as her own.     

After years of operating her business under her own name, Kay launched Cool Breeze Equine, LLC in 2012 where she continues to provide training for horses and their humans from beginners thru upper levels. Kay is currently accepting horses for training and is available for lessons, coaching and clinics. If you’d like to find out more about how Kay can help you and your horse please contact her at kay.coolbreeze@yahoo.com.

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