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dressage training
eventing, water jump
natural horsemanship training
Young horse training & horse starting
dressage training
show jump training


At Cool Breeze Equine Kay develops horses in a natural way that builds trust and confidence, keeping the horse’s perspective in mind to maintain positive and successful learning.  At CBE young horses are given a solid foundation of skills to prepare them for their future discipline. More advanced horses receive specialized training in areas such as eventing, hunters, jumpers, dressage, equitation and trail. Horses with specific challenges are evaluated to ensure that a solid foundation exists and are then developed to build confidence in problem areas or resolve negative habits. When horses are ready for competition they are campaigned in a careful and methodical way that continues to build skills and confidence to ensure a lifelong happy athlete.


  • Evaluations

  • Training

  • Competition

  • Rehabilitation

  • Reconditioning

  • Layup Care

  • Clinics



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