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Upcoming Events

2023 CBE Student Horse Show 
Saturday, May 27th, 9 a.m.

Join us for a fun day in the country on a horse farm!


CURIOUS about our program? CBE students of all ages will be competing, not against, but WITH each other, demonstrating their proficiency in a variety of ways from We will have a variety of classes from Dressage and Jumping, to In-Hand "Can You" Challenges, Gymkhana, and more! This is a PERFECT way to see what exactly we do & learn together & to meet head trainer, Kay Pfaff.

So bring your friends & family, neighbors, cousins, and that horse crazy kid on the block (even if that "kid" is 72 years old) for a fun family event in the beautiful  countryside!

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Horse Camp Flyer 2023.png

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